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The X Files Season Three GifFest                                    ↳The X Files - 3x17 - 'Pusher'


The X Files Season Three GifFest                 
The X Files -
3x17 - 'Pusher'


"are you talking to yourself"

no i’m breaking the fourth wall

Amanda Tapping

Grand Empress of Sci Fi

Oz Comic Con Adelaide

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Imagine Person A is a vampire and Person B is a werewolf. Bonus: Person C also looks human but isn’t.

10 Short Story Competitions To Enter Before The End Of 2014


Do you like writing short stories? Last year we came up with a popular post, titled 10 brilliant reasons to write short stories. Now we’ve listed 10 Short Story Competitions that are still open for entries this year.

  1. Short Sharp Stories - Incredible Journey - Enter by 30 November 2014

  2. 2015 Commonwealth Short Story Prize - Enter by 15 November 2014

  3. TechSmart Gigabyte South African Sci-Fi Short Story Competition - Enter by 31 October 2014

  4. The Nova Short Story Competition - Enter by 30 September 2014

  5. Black Pear Press Short Story Competition! - Enter by 26 September 2014

  6. Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition - Enter by 17 November 2014

  7. Hackney Literary Award for Short Stories - Enter by 30 November 2014

  8. The Bloody Parchment Short Story Competition 2014 - Enter by 31 October 2014

  9. The Fish Short Story Prize - Enter by 30 November 2014

  10. InkTears International Short Story Competition 2014 - Enter by 30 November 2014

If you’re looking for inspiration, read our Top 20 Short Story Quotes

If you want to learn how to write a great short story, join Writers Write for Short Cuts on 5 October 2014 in Johannesburg.


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The Name of The Game: a LaFerry drabble


A short little drabble about Perry/LaFontaine when they were littluns. Don’t write often, please excuse the typos or whatever.

The first time they actually speak, they are both sitting alone at recess. Susan recognizes the curly haired girl from next door. They’re not in the same 1st grade class, and Susan heard the other kids say she was freaky. 

It’s probably this that makes Susan get up from where she was collecting ants for an ant farm, and walk up to the other girl. She is stuffing the last of the ants into her cargo pants when she reaches the other girl.


The girl looks up from the book she was scribbling in and furrows her brow in confusion- the other kids didn’t really talk to her.


Susan sticks her hand out awkwardly- she’d seen her parents do this before, shaking hands was something that people just did. 

Lola looks at the hand and smiles a little, reaching out to shake it.
“I’m Lola. From Mrs. Drummond’s class.”

Susan nods nervously, “I’m not in that class.”

Lola giggles a little at that, “I know that, silly.”

There is a little bit of an awkward silence “Lola is a funny name,” she blurts out before she can stop herself. “Sorry.”

“My mom said I was named after a song, and I like music so that’s okay,” Lola says with a smile, “and she also says ‘honesty is the best policy’ so thanks. Wanna sit?”

Susan nods and sits down beside the other girl, “What are you doing in that book? Drawing?”

Lola shakes her head and opens the book to the page she had been working on. It’s colourful, to say the least, and filled with flower stickers, and is titled “GRADE ONE RULES”. Lola is pretty proud of it.

“Yeah, grade one is pretty fun,” Susan agrees out loud. 

Some of the colours on the page probably weren’t even in the regular pencil crayon kit, but Susan would have to look into that.

“No, silly Susan, not that kind of rules.” She giggles at Susan’s confused expression.

It was then that Susan noticed it seemed to be a kind of list.

1. Say please and thank you because mom said manners make friends.

2. Don’t say mean things about the people being mean to you because that just makes you meaner too.

3. Do your homework.

4. Learn to read better out loud 

“Those are the rules?” Susan asks Lola earnestly confused at how those could be the only important things to remember. There were all sorts of things Lola had missed.

Lola almost regrets showing Susan the rules, they were supposed to be her secret but she couldn’t help herself but share.

“I was going to put more but you came over so I stopped.”


There is a silence then, so Susan rolls a stone she found on the ground between her fingers.

“You can help me if you want.” Lola offers quietly.

Susan nods eagerly, wrinkling her forehead in concentration.

“Okay, how about ‘learn to play super awesome new games’?”

Lola writes it down carefully, methodically, and switches coloured pencils a few times in the process while Susan watches her. 

Lola is delightfully strange.

“That was a good one.” Lola smiles at Susan, and then the smile slowly slips from her face when she sees what can only be described as a small army of ants crawling up the girl’s leg- coming out of her pocket. “Ants.”



Lola’s frantic pointing makes Susan look down at her pants where her little ant farm was now making the great escape. “Oh. I was just trying to make my own ant farm.”

Lola nods her head quickly, like she understands the other girl, but she really doesn’t quite get it. 

“My parents won’t let me get my own so I thought I’d make one myself.”

Lola gets it then. Her parents wouldn’t let her get her very own calendar so she had made one herself. It was one of her favourite projects. Albeit a little more manageable and practical than an ant farm, but almost the same, right?

It’s that thought that makes Lola add another rule to the list:

6. Don’t carry ants in your pockets. 

Susan frowns a little at this and decides that if this girl is going to make fun of her she doesn’t want any part of this. She is about to leave when Lola picks up a big, red marker and adds: 

Without a good container.

“I can bring one from home tomorrow?” Perry asks the other redhead.

“Okay…You’re good at this stuff,” Susan says pointing to the notebook, and the giant underlined section that reads "Lola Perry’s keep out", and adds, “Perry.”

Perry grins a little at this, “That’s not my name silly Susan.”

Susan shrugs and stands up, extending an arm to the other girl.

“Okay Perry, I have a new super awesome game to show you and recess is almost over.”

Perry hesitates a little bit, she really did like sitting there and writing, but this other girl also seemed like a lot of fun. She takes Susan’s hand and is pulled to her feet, dusting herself off she asks, “What’s it called?”






just so we’re clear, i use








as gender-neutral and affectionate names

don’t forget son

What am I forgetting dad


You have forgotten who you are, and so forgotten me.

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Allstate has launched a beautiful campaign aimed at members of the LGBTQ community. Thanks, Allstate! <3

This made me so happy